Our Supporters Make Our Work Possible

The invaluable services and generous donations our patronages offer Civitas guarantee that our operations continue functioning, growing, and improving. It's important to note that Civitas only accepts contributions from businesses that provide resources to people who are in high need financial situations and areas. Together, our social initiative drives down the levels of poverty worldwide. Learn more about our sponsors below.

The International Microfinance Mission (IMFM) works to maximize the number of people who have access to credit services. Their approach is a grassroots effort. They open offices in rural areas to reach even the most elusive customers and grant credit to individuals who don't meet traditional bank qualifications. Funding the financial demands faced by entrepreneurs, families, and others is their fundamental goal.

Evolving alongside the modern peer to peer industry, the Digital Financial Network provides prospective borrowers with helpful resources about the alternative financial movement and where to find these services online. When funding is denied by a bank or credit card company, applying for a loan through an online crowdfunding platform has been known to provide better approval chances for those with bad credit or no credit.

The underfinanced citizens of the world struggle to find affordable lending services. At the Global Micro Lending Initiative, borrowers can meet lenders that look beyond their credit history and offer them affordable loan options. These microlenders offer low interest microloans and friendly payment plans so borrowers aren't forced into uncontrollable debt. Their financial services teach borrowers about financial responsibility while encouraging them toward success.

For investors and borrowers, the Institute For Microfinance Research is a convenient guide for those wanting to get acquainted with the newly introduced microfinancial world. IFMR offers online financial resources that clearly describe the advantages of becoming a microlender, why the microfinance institutions have steadily grown over the past 10 years, and how a microloan helps microborrowers and their communities.