Creating a Solid Financial Foundation for the Citizens of the World

Civitas seeks to unify a global community of like-minded people whose commitment to sound economic principles will carry the world's future generations into prosperity.

Civitas Mission

Promoting Prosperity Throughout the World

To become a member of Civitas, there are no entry or recurring member fees, citizenship requirements, or educational background conditions. For many reasons, people are compartmentalized into social groups by gender, race, religion, educational background, economic status, age, and ethnicity. Examples of our members include a pilot in the U.S., a CEO in Norway, a coffee bean farmer in Rwanda, and a cab driver in Bangladesh. With a collaborative effort and common ground, our vision is for every citizen of the world to financially, socially, and personally thrive - despite the fact that nearly ½ of this world's population lives on less than $2.50 a day and often have no access to financial or logistical services.

Global Prosperity

We believe in equality of opportunity, not equality of outcome. Since people can't pick their parents or their birthplace, Civitas believes in offering those who are apt to become a victim of their circumstances to instead have a better opportunity to be a product of their individual choices. Does someone's location or challenging situation decide their future or can they bring themselves out of a life of poverty? There are billions of people who were born without fortune or health in their favor. These are the types of members for whom Civitas' resources and services exist. Whether offering online financial products to neglected markets, supplying finance related education to the underprivileged, or implementing mentorship programs for inexperienced entrepreneurs, Civitas' focus is to stop the revolving door usually predestined for the poor and to make sure that everyone willing to put in the effort gets a shot at riding the elevator to a better life, both for themselves and their loved ones. It's time to close the gap between those with access to financial services and those without.